A bit of bad news for the day

And now a break from the board drama, Sarah and I got a bit of bad news today.

While at work she began bleeding quite a bit and called the doctor and was given an appointment. They gave her an ultrasound and apparently the baby/fetus/whatevs stopped developing at 6 weeks, and she's going to miscarry probably sometime this weekend.

If for whatever reason she doesnt, the doctor will either prescribe some sort of pill to expediate the miscarriage or have some sort of procedure to remove it.

Just wanted to thank all of you who gave us good wishes and name suggestions. Its appreciated.
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Form an orderly queue and take a number...

We will attempt to get to all of you as quickly as possible, but there are only so many people's lives we can hurt in a day.

Hopefully soon we will be expanding our ventures to include realz lifes! Ruining lives isnt just for the intrawebz any longer! You never know when YW might pop up at your door and just eff your day up!

In the mean time, we appreciate your patience and look forward to servicing you soon.


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In support of Poetry Tuesday

The entry I would like to share is entitled:

"The Musical Fruit"

The musical fruit,
the more you eat,
the more you toot!

The more you toot,
the better you feel!
So let's have beans for every meal!

Author Unknown

ok, Im done

I promise I wont use Sarah's account anymore to post funny threads. I'll be on good behaviour from here on out. Cross my heart.

Though, I have thought of a couple funny ideas to post as her...well maybe I'll stop by next week.

Strange day

So today was kind of strange for me. For the entire second half of the day, I contemplated who I would mushroom tattoo or peen punch via the intrawebz. comment in the No Country for Old Men thread got me thinking. What if I really could traverse the intrawebz with my peen and smack people around with it? I spent about 3 hours just thinking about who I would mushroom tat and why.

Ive got a pretty solid list right now of at least 10 people.

Like Bill Gates. Ive decided he should be a victim for not giving me any of his billions of dollars. Id like to peen punch him in his left eye causing a horrific swelling that would last for a month.

And then I thought mushroom tatting Ser Sean would be pretty funny because well, he has a big, bald dome, and a mushroom tat would look pretty kick ass on that big, bald dome.

Ive also decided that mushroom tatting someone is a sign of love and friendship, while a peen punch is a show of aggression and hostility.


I've created a monster!!!

So it was last year or so, while having one of our little chit-chats, I discovered Sarah had never seen Purple Rain. I was shocked! I forced her to sit down and watch it, giggling to myself the whole while. And then it happened...

She loved it. She loved every purple second of it. She loved Prince and Apollonia's relationship/romance/fingerbang action/whatever, she loved the music, she loved "The Doctor", Wendy and Lisa, and Morris and The Time.

Well, I cant really fault her for Morris Day and the Time, and I guess Prince's music back then was pretty damn catchy. And I suppose watching Prince fingerbang Apollonia on screen is pretty remarkable, if only because we got a glimpse into Prince's real everyday life back then.

Ok, so Purple Rain is tolerable. I could probably watch it, hhmmm, once every 5-10 years.

But Sarah? No. She wants to watch it ALL the time! Also, she found I had the Purple Rain CD boxed up back then. Nope. She dug it out and played it non-stop. She still plays it. Its on my computer RIGHT NOW! She supposedly "shuffled" our I-tunes music...and first song up...Purple Rain.

I cant get her to stop people. She's obsessed with 1980's Prince. Im asking you, her friends, to stage an intervention here. Help me, or I fear that our wedding I will be forced to wear lace and high-heeled boots.